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SoFi Bankings referral and bonus program

by Sara

With its cutting-edge technologies, SoFi is changing the way we think about banking and enabling people to take charge of their financial future. SoFi offers a seamless banking experience with its full range of goods and services, as well as the chance to participate in its banking bonus and referral program and receive attractive bonuses and awards. In this post, we’ll look at how you may take advantage of these advantages to get the most out of SoFi banking.

Deposit Bonus: Unlocking Additional Value

A variety of special features and advantages are made available to you when you open a SoFi Money cash management account. But that’s not all; SoFi goes a step further by providing banking bonuses that provide its members more value. You have the chance to earn extra money by taking part in the banking bonus program, making your banking experience even more enjoyable.

How Does It Function?


You must first open a SoFi Money account in order to be eligible for the banking bonus. This account offers excellent interest rates, no account fees, and simple smartphone access. You can start inviting your friends, family, and coworkers to join SoFi after your account has been setup. You and the person you suggest both have the opportunity to get a cash bonus for each successful reference.

The amount of the banking bonus may change over time, so be sure to visit SoFi’s official website for the most recent details. Normally, after the referral satisfies the program requirements, the referral bonuses are directly credited to your SoFi Money account within a predetermined time limit. You and your friends gain from the additional bonus while taking use of the benefits of banking with SoFi. It’s a win-win situation.

Program for Referrals: Spreading the SoFi Advantage

The SoFi referral program is a great way to spread the news about the benefits of SoFi banking while also earning rewards. By telling others about your excellent SoFi experience, you can both save money and introduce your friends and family to a better banking option.

How Does It Function?

You can share your own referral link with others once you sign up as a SoFi member. This link guarantees that the recommendations you make are properly credited to your account, qualifying you for referral benefits.

Consider sharing your link via numerous platforms, such as social media sites, email, or even just by promoting SoFi to individuals you know, in order to optimize your referral potential. You have more opportunities to earn referral bonuses the more people you suggest.

Why Do People Pick SoFi Banking?

The banking services provided by SoFi go beyond merely standard financial services. Among conventional banks, SoFi distinguishes out for the following main reasons:

Fee-Free Accounts: 

SoFi Money is a desirable alternative for consumers looking for affordable banking solutions because there are no account fees.

A high rate of interest 

Your money will increase faster thanks to the low interest rates offered by SoFi Money on your cash deposits.

Uncomplicated mobile banking: 

You may easily access your accounts with the user-friendly SoFi mobile app, enabling you to manage your money while on the go.

Tools for managing money: 

To assist you in managing your money, SoFi provides a number of tools, such as capabilities for tracking expenses and creating goals.

Member Advantages: 

You get access to special perks as a SoFi member, including career coaching, financial planning services, and member events.

Borrow and Invest: 

With SoFi’s comprehensive platform, you can manage your finances holistically by moving easily between banking, investing, and borrowing.


Banking through SoFi provides more than simply a standard banking experience. You may access more benefits and prizes by taking part in the banking bonus and referral program while taking advantage of all that SoFi’s cutting-edge banking solutions have to offer. SoFi gives you the tools you need to manage your money effectively, including high interest rates, no account fees, and a variety of money-management options. Become a member of SoFi right away, refer your friends, and start optimizing your banking advantages.

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