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Exposing Unfair Practices in the Content Writing Industry: The Text Broker Scam

by Sara

Writing content is now a crucial component of internet businesses and marketing plans in the digital age. However, while there is a greater demand for high-quality information, there are also more scams and dishonest business methods. One well-known instance is the Text Broker scam, a dishonest business that takes advantage of both aspiring authors and unwary customers. This page seeks to explain the Text Broker scam and inform readers of its tricks.

Describe Text Broker.

A platform called Text Broker links clients that need written material with independent authors. It guarantees access for customers to a huge network of skilled writers and gives authors the chance to make money by completing writing jobs. It appears to be a reliable platform for the production of content on the surface. However, a closer look shows a murkier aspect to Text Broker’s business practices.

Uncovering The Text Broker Scam


Lack of Writers’ Compensation

The paltry remuneration that Text Broker offers to its writers is one of its biggest problems. Despite claiming to offer competitive rates, writers frequently discover that they are paid significantly less than their work is truly worth. By classifying writers into different levels, with higher levels allegedly earning more, the site justifies these low prices. However, the requirements for moving up levels are ambiguous and appear arbitrary, keeping many writers stuck with menial tasks.

Suspension of Accounts Without Cause

The random suspension of writer accounts is another warning sign connected to the Text Broker scam. Numerous authors have stated that their accounts have been suspended without any justification or prior notice. They are consequently unable to access their income and ongoing initiatives, which places them in a dangerous financial situation. The secrecy with which Text Broker has handled these suspensions makes one wonder about their motivations.

Unjustified Revisions and Failure to Pay

Text Broker routinely requests that writers edit their work in response to customer comments. Although edits are a necessary step in the writing process, Text Broker’s rules frequently result in abuse. Sometimes, writers are asked to revise their work excessively or make changes that go beyond the predetermined parameters. Additionally, some customers abuse the system by rejecting finished work without good reason, depriving the writers of payment for their labor.

Lack of communication and support

It can be difficult for writers to get in touch with Text Broker’s support staff when they run into problems or have questions. The lack of appropriate channels on the platform causes writers to feel unheard and unappreciated. The general unhappiness felt by writers on the platform is exacerbated by this lack of assistance.

How to Avoid the Text Broker Scam

Investigate Other Platforms

It is essential to conduct research and read reviews from other writers before signing up for any article writing site. Look for platforms with a strong reputation, clear pay plans, and effective communication methods.

Establish Firm Boundaries

Establish clear limits with clients on revisions, payment conditions, and project requirements while working on Text Broker or another platform of a similar nature. To safeguard yourself from such scams, make sure that your agreement is in writing.

Maintain Records

Keep track of any agreements and communications with clients that were established via the platform. This paperwork may be used as proof in the event of a dispute or nonpayment.

Signal scams

In order to spread awareness and safeguard others, you should report any fraudulent activities or dishonest business practices you come across on Text Broker or other platforms to the appropriate authorities.


The Text Broker scam serves as a reminder of the importance of being watchful and cautious when using platforms for generating online content. Both prospective authors and clients should be aware of the dishonest tactics used by some platforms and take preventative steps to safeguard themselves. We can collaboratively battle fraudulent schemes and promote a fair and transparent environment for all players in the content writing industry by staying educated, setting boundaries, and reporting scams.

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